THE YCG PEER REVIEW 1000 Service… is intended to take the stress out of having to judge/ and review staff performance. Often times personality conflicts influence one’s ability to evaluate and summarize a collective analysis fairly. Furthermore relationships can be affected by this seemingly subjective approach resulting in unfair criticism of those in charge of the task. To avoid misunderstandings and build morale, the YCG PEER REVIEW 1000 service collects, analyzes and provides summary reports for each staff and the team as a whole. These reports can be used in annual reviews and in promoting growth in making healthy changes during staff meetings. Since all submissions remain anonymous and reports are objectively documented, staff and employers have an opportunity to view outcomes from a more realistic perspective. The analytical outcome may require a more in depth approach in resolving certain areas of performance. YCG is prepared to help develop staff awareness and responsibility by enlisting other services such as The ULT assessment, individual coaching and team building seminars. YCG is also available to conduct annual peer reviews and team review meetings should the person in charge prefer to stay neutral in the process.

​YCG also offers extraordinary seminars and certification programs based on natural law and objective understanding. The Instrument, branded as “The Ultimate Life Tool®” is based on “The Knowledge of Y.O.U.®” (your own understanding) and serves as the impetus of today's latest cutting edge human assessment technology. The results derived from this technological application allows YCG certified consultants and practitioners to assist in revealing natural traits as well as polarities that influence personal performance in the markets of human resources, executive business coaching, recruiting, matchmaking, health and well being. In brief, it serves any market where measuring an individual’s personal characteristics and optimizing their potential is valued.