​​​The YCG PEER REVIEW 1000 was created out of a need to fairly evaluate staff performance

in meeting annual review compliance requirements for small businesses. YCG, LLC dba The Y.O.U. Institute had gained great respect in the field of human assessment for its advanced ULT technology and decided to take on the challenge. YCG's philosophy is that "Nature doesn't make mistakes...Man does." Since we are an example of human nature in process, creating methods to better measure performance and talent as they relate to meeting the needs of a specific environment seemed like an obvious addition to their pursuit of talent analysis.

The Y.O.U. Consulting Group (YCG) dba The Y.O.U. Institute, specializes in customizing objective services and programs that assist in hiring, advising and enhancing employee performance. It brings CE approved methodologies, technology and expert delivery in conducting staff­ seminars as well as educational certification courses. The YCG PEER REVIEW 1000 is designed to take the stress out of analyzing sta­ff performance, thus eliminating unhealthy criticism towards the staff­ member(s) assigned to the task. This objective process assists in avoiding the division of staff­ and the disintegration of the team. By allowing a neutral resource to address sensitive performance issues, concerns are received more eff­ectively. This process creates greater opportunities for optimum productivity.

YCG® is a limited liability corporation founded in 2007. it's debut occurred as a result of more than 12 years of research in the field of human profiling and behavioral assessment.  YCG® serves the community in providing business and personal management strategies through theYOU Institute in Encinitas, California.  It's properties include the ULT® assessment and the PR1000® as well as certification courses in Life Coaching and advanced human assessment ULT Technology, all of which are facilitated by YCG® certified professionals. YCG® educational programs for certification are approved for continuing education by the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, the Board of Registered Nursing and the International Coach Federation.  To date, YCG® has trained over 100 professionals in the use of their advanced technology and methodologies.  YCG's comprehensive approach using unique applications of integrated contemporary technological advancements helps to identify solutions that work in real time, thus, offering continued improvement in the days that follow.